Trusting Your Cloud Provider Is A Two-Way Street

Cloud computing, while introducing users to new conveniences and efficiencies, has also given rise to several new outlooks about security concerns. Protecting information that is shared on the cloud becomes a combined responsibility, some security issues must be dealt with at the cloud provider’s end while others must be addressed by the customer or business hosting data on the cloud.

Simple Ways To Protect Your Email Account

If you have ever experienced an intrusion into your email account, you may feel vulnerable, but you're not alone. In fact, it happens to millions of individuals. Whether infiltrating personal-use emailers, entire organizations of email users, or even the Secretary of State and top government officials, the instances of email hacks have run rife, especially with evolving conveniences in technology.

Securing The Cloud For Customers – 2016 And Beyond

In the past couple of years, two trends have dominated the headlines when it comes to business technology: the proliferation of cloud-based computing, and the growing prevalence of cyber security breaches. Neither of these two concepts is truly foreign to internal IT teams or end-users, but they have started to gain traction in the media.

Cybersecurity For Business

Here's a fun thought experiment, try and imagine one area of your business today that does not involve technology in some way. It seems like even making coffee these days involves a computer of some kind. With so much reliance on technology, it's incredibly important to put security measures in place so business functions are not disrupted.