VoIP for Hassle-Free Communicating

Competing in the business world today means equipping your team to be fast, efficient and able to cater to the needs and interests of the clients in the niche. Businesses that can adapt quickly to challenges, fluctuating client landscapes, and unexpected setbacks are going to be more successful than their competitors. Such flexibility depends heavily on effective and hassle-free communication.

It makes sense, then, to bulk up your arsenal by having the latest and most efficient communication tools. This is more than just telephones and fax machines (yes, people still use fax machines believe it or not). For the modern business focused on efficient and effective communication, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly becoming the “new normal”. Let’s explore VoIP in greater detail, there’s a good chance you’ll learn something you didn’t know.

Why you will love VoIP

VoIP combines many of the traditional mediums of communication - business phones, mobile phones, internet connections, email, video conferencing, text and voicemail into one neat little package. All of this integration for the user means more convenience with less hassle. Users don’t need to choose the best method of communication and don’t need to worry about switching between networks. VoIP can allow users to link all communications - with the option of call forwarding, voice to text, or simultaneously ringing a user’s desk and mobile phone. This allows the staff to communicate with clients, providing more touch-points, and allows coworkers to communicate at any time, despite their respective location. For a business owner or manager, VoIP translates to greater flexibility and greater control of your team.

How VoIP can boost your office professionalism

VoIP can elevate your business’ professional presence as it improves your employee’s availability to the body of customers you serve. From the client perspective, simply enhancing the ease and convenience of making contact bestows a level of confidence that is an oft overlooked touch-point for communication. A consistent channel for communication like VoIP is invaluable for growing a client base. Relationships between employees or between business partners also are positively affected by VoIP as communication is made more efficient and instantaneous. An additional benefit that comes with the installation of VoIP is the modern, rejuvenated conference call.

Conference calling has been a valuable business tool for many years. Communicating to multiple people the same message is clearly more efficient than trying to get that message piece-wise to each stake-holder multiple times. With VoIP, physical distance is no longer a hurdle as hundreds of people can participate in the same meeting regardless of time and place. Depending on your level of service you can even utilize video to see and participate in the meeting. Because VoIP only requires an internet connection, rather than a phone line, a user can participate in a conference call from their home computer, via their cell-phone, or from their desk regardless of location. The meeting host, similarly, can ensure that their ideas are clearly communicated and that all participants are present.

How VoIP will save you money

The effects of improving technology ripple through a business and can definitely be exciting, but can it be done without sinking your annual budget? Installation of new hardware can sometimes be costly when you factor in the necessary hardware and software upgrades. The fact that VoIP requires no new hardware and combines several different communication-based services means that the cost of disregarding VoIP, in some cases, be greater than embracing it.

VoIP savings should be considered in two categories: cutting costs and enabling mobility.

Cutting Costs

The first place a business will see savings with the adoption of VoIP is in their monthly telephone bill. Greater utilization of the internet to transfer voice data, rather than traditional phone lines, can cut phone bills in half in some cases. This is especially true if you happen to be in an industry that makes frequent international calls, such as call centers or other facets of customer service. In addition, because VoIP allows users to manage their voice and calling features and can be set up by the same service provider that also provides your internet connection, your maintenance and set-up budget are consolidated.

Many IT businesses charge minimal set up fees (some are even free) and very low maintenance fees for VoIP. If you choose your IT staff wisely, set-up will come with little to no disturbance of your day-to-day business operations: users can keep their same business phone numbers, same devices, and same internet service.

Enabling Mobility

Another area of savings enabled by VoIP is in employee mobility. VoIP connects users that work in different offices, or in their own homes, without the need for travel costs or set-up in multiple locations. Depending on your business, this mobility may translate to the reduction of overhead, which for many companies is not a small budget line item.

Why VoIP is your missing link

The conveniences afforded by Voice over Internet Protocol are enjoyed by large and small businesses around the world. Listing some of the features that VoIP can provide make communication seem much more effective - call forwarding, personalized messaging, voicemail to email, video conferencing and many more attributes of the service save employee’s time and energy.

In addition, using VoIP is as easy as using many of the devices you already own and are familiar with. The only accommodations you and your employees may need to make are becoming familiar with a different interface, and minor troubleshooting should there be any hiccups. These accommodations are easily satisfied if you have a friendly and available IT staff.

Continuous.net makes adapting to VoIP effortless, we work with your business to determine your communication needs and which VoIP benefits to focus on. Additionally, we're available 24/7 to help with any questions, concerns, and comments. With the help of a VoIP system, your business will be ready to provide a competitive edge to your customers.