What To Look For in A Managed IT Services Agreement

The running joke in our modern time is the infamous “Service Agreement” document that are so often blindly agreed to without review in our lives. Want to update your version of iTunes? Patch a game? There’s going to be a prompt for you to agree to the “Terms and Conditions”. These documents are usually long-form, written in a language that only the most scholarly of lawyers can understand, yet they are the gateway to using whatever product or service is in question.

Five Business Nightmares You Can Avoid by Switching to the Cloud

Sometimes to champion an idea in the workplace, convincing the executive team of the best course of action is the hardest part of the process. It’s best to spell things out as clearly as possible, and for many of us working in small to medium (and even enterprise level) sized businesses, our bosses need information quickly and in the most salient format.

Data Makes Cents – The Case For Outsourcing IT Services

It is impossible to understate the true value of efficiency in today’s world. With so much margin for error, its easy to lose time fumbling through company data, documents, email threads, work logs, etc. We work in an extremely challenging landscape of flash decisions and quick judgments, which require a seamless flow of numbers, figures, and analyses that can be stored either internally and/or backed up using external storage means.