Data Makes Cents – The Case For Outsourcing IT Services

It is impossible to understate the true value of efficiency in today’s world. With so much margin for error, its easy to lose time fumbling through company data, documents, email threads, work logs, etc. We work in an extremely challenging landscape of flash decisions and quick judgments, which require a seamless flow of numbers, figures, and analyses that can be stored either internally and/or backed up using external storage means.

You Can't Be Data's Beast of Burden

While disorganization is clearly disruptive, even organization can be burdensome—in that it may be data stored in an organized manner, but managing, accessing, and analyzing the data can often be so time consuming that it leaves little room to actually help you be productive.

Whether you’re just referencing last year’s financial documents or whether you’re assembling diagrams and illustrations for your next proposal, it’s absolutely key that you can trust your method of storage, and your means of efficiently utilizing your data to your greatest advantage.

And this is where so many companies take on too great a burden and encounter haunting technical challenges. Skilled IT professionals are often times intimidatingly expensive, and seemingly safe public cloud-based computing options are impersonal and lack the intimate customer service component many of us have come to expect from our vendors, distributors, or even legal service providers.

Accessing your data and ensuring that data remains useful as a quantitative tool is essential. Data can often appear far easier to manage than it appears. And attempting to internalize this burden within your company can create other problems that can be easily mitigated by outsourcing and delegating to a knowledgeable service provider and a cloud database.

For example, if you want to maximize your company’s profits you must also maximize your business offerings to each prospective or current customer who finds their way to your company website, online store, or blog. Research has shown that if your pages take more than 6 to 10 seconds to load (Cite reference), approximately half of them will leave.

Focus Resources Where They Matter Most

If you step back and look at a typical office environment, you’ll see a series of screens and keyboards—a web of computation tools that interact with each other in order to make sense of more information than we can simply log with a pen and paper. And behind that we have faith in storage, computation, software, and other more ethereal tools that must remain sharp. If we can best summarize these tools as invaluable to your company’s success, then to clumsily approach them with a “do it yourself” attitude would be a fool’s errand.

Consider the fact that it’s quite likely that your business has several company vehicles. And it’s similarly unlikely that your business takes it upon itself to manage, maintain, monitor, and fully comprehend the inner workings of each automobile in the fleet. Likewise, trying to internalize your IT, if you don’t specialize in IT, is akin to employing a staff auto mechanic.

It makes little sense to spin your wheels on areas outside your specialty or area of expertise, and rather to focus on improving your services or products to get your business to where it needs to be.

When Its Time To Outsource

The suite of services offered by Continuous will allow you to decrease your IT overhead. You can streamline your access to data, employ secure built-in data protection, and you can rest assured that your valuable information is held safely, which can be accessed both internally and remotely.

The business problems we’re solving are not simple, and Continuous is glad to offer computing services in a way that values customer feedback, individually tailored programs, and prompt customer service. Since a growing percentage of cloud adopters are not only concerned with data security, but also with the cost effectiveness of something less tangible, it is essential to outsource IT issues to accessible, knowledgeable businesses who share similar high standards of service.