The IT News Round Up – May 2016

The IT News Round Up – May 2016

We hope you’ve had an opportunity at this point to browse through our blog and associate our articles with the kind of information that you would expect from a trusted technology advisor. We mention this on our website and it’s still the honest truth, our passion for IT is second only to helping our clients achieve their goals.

Naturally we keep up on relevant news stories in our industry and as a result come across a wealth of content each month. Unfortunately, not all of this amazing content can find its way into individual stories on our blog. To help bridge this gap, we thought it would be nice to wrap-up May with a collective tip-of-the-hat to those that create useful and insightful content for the industry.

Here’s a brief list of some of the content that caught our attention this month:

  • Services, Not Price, Move the Needle on Cloud Vendor Market Share – “In its latest Cloud Price Index (CPI) report, 451 Research said that price barely impacts market share as customers look for value-added services."
  • “The lowest-cost service providers have not won greater market share as a result of their pricing strategy. Familiarity actually counts for a lot more as customers’ partner with a familiar brand to offer local hosting and support.”

From Talkin’ Cloud 

  • Basic Security Training for Employees Not Enough to Stop Data Breaches: Report – “A new study conducted by Ponemon Institute on behalf of Experian suggests that 55 percent of organizations have had a security breach due to a malicious or negligent employee.”
  • “A study last year found that inappropriate file sharing inside the organization was the most likely cause of data leakage. Eighty-four percent of companies surveyed by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) said that they planned to improve file security through investments in training.”

From Web Host Industry Review & The Experian Study

  • CIRA Report: IT Leaders Struggle to Find Qualified IT Pros in Canada“Two out of every five Canadian IT leaders have trouble recruiting IT professionals with the right skills, and almost half (46 percent) had difficulty filling a position in the last 12 months, according to a report released Monday by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) on Canada’s technology, skills, and competitiveness.”
  • “Nearly half of IT leaders surveyed said “Canadian technology companies aren’t equipped to compete globally,” and three-quarters said their major technology challenges require “made-in-Canada” solutions. The report refers to a Conference Board of Canada report which ranked the country 9th of 16 OECD countries for innovation, and indicated it is falling behind in ICT investment and connectivity.”

From Web Host Industry Review & Canadian Internet Registration Authority Report

  • 10 Things You Must Do Now To Prevent A Costly Data Disaster“Use this article as your checklist in a conversation with your IT company to assure that your business has the right plan in place to get back up and running quickly if and when disaster strikes.”
  • Be able to access and manage your network remotely. You and your staff will be able to keep working if they can’t get into your office. Your IT manager or consultant can quickly handle an emergency or routine maintenance. And you’ll love the convenience!”

Does that last entry sound familiar? OK – we snuck that one in from May’s TechTimes Newsletter on our website!

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