Uncommon Tales of IT Support

Uncommon Tales of IT Support

If you’ve been to our website, or visited any of our social media properties we try to make one thing clear:

We know IT inside and out, and we can help your business run better.

From our perspective though, helping your business run more smoothly with highly functioning, secure IT doesn’t just mean remedying problems when things break. It’s taking on more of an active role as a partner with your business. This philosophy is quite different from what other providers bring to the table and one of the reasons we believe our clients continue to stand by us.

Physical Damage and Data Loss

The two phrases above aren’t commonly associated with each other, although they should be. One upon a time a client got in touch with us because some of their staff were having problems accessing data on their hard drives. On the surface this doesn’t sound like an uncommon problem, hard drives of computers are often the most fragile parts and there are a variety of reasons they break down. But there was a wrinkle in this story that ended up saving the business tens of thousands of dollars.

Our client mentioned in passing that some of their newer equipment had accidentally been knocked over before installation. There were mostly desktop computers but there was also a new server included with the description – this immediately got our attention. While a hard drive replacement isn’t an overly difficult task, data loss sure can be. In fact, a recent study reported that about 25% of all data loss among corporations was attributed to hardware failures.

“Furthermore, the increased use of solid-state drives (SSD) with flash memory in recent years will undoubtedly have pushed this percentage up. These types of drive offer faster access to data than conventional mechanical hard drives, but also are more prone to failure if used to write data continually, which is why they are not recommended for use in servers or in computers where reliability is critical.”

The hard drives were replaced, but the server situation still had us concerned. We recommended a cloud backup package for them in the event the server (which was responsible for holding sensitive client data), bit the dust.

Murphy’s Law is especially present when it comes to technology because 2 months after the installation the server (which had corrupted hard drives due to physical damage) crashed beyond repair and the data on the server immediately rendered useless.

Luckily the owners had taken our advice for setting up a cloud backup system for the server and the equipment was under warranty. They were able to replace their entire system without productivity loss and more importantly at a fraction of the cost than a scenario like this without proper data recovery solutions in place.

The Basics of Cloud Backup

One thing you should gather from the story above is that IT issues are often interconnected. Unfortunately, some folks have to learn about the negative ripple effects that IT issues can bring.

But not you!

If you haven’t yet implemented a data backup & recovery plan, here’s our list of “must-haves” when it comes to setting up a system on your own, or by outsourcing the job to a trusted vendor:

Worldwide backup - Disaster is thwarted when information is hosted in a number of places

Constant Data Protection - Load and refresh changes to files in real-time and be able to see updates anytime to feel secure.

Automated Retention Policies – Depending on your industry you may need to abide by a governing body’s guidelines. This is especially important for companies that deal with medical or financial information.

Seeding and bandwidth throttling solutions – Being able to back up quickly with no interruption to your Internet connection ensures that your productivity is uninterrupted.

Inclusive solutions - Backup agents created to fit with your operating systems and software.

Proactive Support

If you feel like you might be missing the mark in any of these areas, we can help! Check out the Continuous Networks website and receive a free audit of your current IT infrastructure. We’ve partnered with top-tier names in the technology field to provide backup services and continuity planning which ensures you have peace of mind that you won't be facing bankruptcy if your IT networks go down.