Technology Headlines You Might Have Missed – July 2016

Technology Headlines You Might Have Missed – July 2016

There’s only 24 hours in a day, and with the speed at which we all live our lives these days it can be easy to miss some important details. We had some great feedback from our curation-style article last month, and figured we’d serve up another edition this month with important and interesting technology headlines you might have missed.

Never have to fear being out of the loop next time you make a trip to the water cooler after you’ve read this!

“Nearly Half of All Corporate Data is Out of IT Department’s Control” from Data Center Knowledge

Data loss should be the number one concern for companies heavily invested in collecting and storing sensitive customer data. Major reputation damage has been done for businesses that had to own up to admitting scores of sensitive data had been breached, in addition to any fines or lawsuits that ensued. It might be a tad alarming to know that in a recent survey performed by the Ponemon Institute, results showed nearly half of all corporate data stored in the cloud was beyond the reach of their IT departments.

“The report is drawn from a survey of more than 3,400 IT and IT security practitioners from around the world. It shows only 34 percent of confidential data on SaaS is encrypted, and members of the security team are only involved in one-fifth of choices between cloud applications and platforms.”

“Real-World User Cloud Challenges and How to Overcome Them” from Web Host Industry Review

As more users are utilizing digital tools to maintain a hyper level of productivity, new challenges and problems are always looming. This article takes a stab at explaining how an IT department can control all the new moving parts associated with a cloud environment.

“Instead of just deploying a piece of technology – make sure to design your solutions around your users. Know the devices they’re deploying, know the resources they’re accessing, and always think about their experience. New tools and technologies help control the entire digital experience between physical devices and virtual resources. Most of all these new systems help create a bridge between on-premise resources and those sitting in the cloud.

“Verizon to buy Yahoo’s core business for $4.8 billion in digital ad push” from Reuters

It would be difficult to find anyone in our modern time who had not heard of Yahoo. As one of the pioneering Internet companies, Yahoo was responsible for building one of the biggest website directories, search engine, and news platforms. The company had been struggling to maintain their market share, and the price tag on the sale came as a surprise for many except shareholders in the company who had been pressuring directors to find strategic alternatives.

“The No. 1 U.S. wireless operator is betting that it can take data on more than 200 million unique monthly visitors to Yahoo sites, many of them on mobile devices, and combine it with data on 150 million or so unique monthly AOL users and data on its own user base of over 100 million wireless subscribers to offer a more targeted service for advertisers.”

“Barclays said last month Verizon could save $500 million a year in costs of acquiring internet traffic and other expenses by buying Yahoo's internet business.”

“2016 HIPAA Breach Penalties Total $18.7 Million” from Talkin’ Cloud

Companies tasked with the responsible management of private health data are not immune to data breaches and for these types of businesses the consequences are far more than just a tarnished reputation.

In 2016 so far compliance issues for companies beholden to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have come with serious financial penalties.

“In all, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights has resolved nine cases, with settlements ranging in size from $25,000, to $3.9 million.”

“This year’s largest settlement to date for violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was leveled at Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, where a laptop stolen from a car contained electronic protected health information (ePHI) belonging to roughly 13,000 patients and research participants.”

“Catch Up on the History of Classic Games Once Nintendo’s Tiny NES Is Out” from Gizmodo

This fall, gamers will get to cannonball back into a pool of nostalgia when the original Nintendo Entertainment System will hit the market again. Dubbed the miniature NES Classic Edition, the miniature console will include 30 games that will likely bring back memories of 8-bit goblin slaying and princess-saving!

“Come November, Nintendo will be scratching a lot of nostalgic itches with its miniature NES Classic Edition console that comes pre-installed with 30 retro games. But between catching up on your favorite titles, you can now learn how many of them came to be with a new book that sounds like the perfect sidekick to the console.”