The Tipping Point for Legacy Technology

Legacy technology has such a nice ring to it, right? We all want to leave a legacy in this life, but in the world of small and medium-sized business technology, legacy has a different connotation – and it’s not always a good thing.

If you’ve ever sprained your eyeballs from rolling them in the back of your head when that piece of company software that everyone must use goes on the fritz – you’ve experienced the downside of legacy technology.

How Technology Can Save Your Business

Efficiency is more important for today's small businesses than it has ever been before. You've got plenty of competition, so your customers expect you to deliver top-notch service at a great price. If you fail to deliver on your customers' expectations, they'll simply do business with someone else.

Top Technology Headlines Roundup

As a small business owner, it's likely that security is never far from your mind. Every month, yet another major company falls victim to a hacker, losing critical data and gaining negative customer sentiment in the process.

In the past two months, though, the tech security news has hit a little closer to home.