Breaking Bad Technology Habits

Biting your fingernails.

Leaving the refrigerator door open.

Leaving car windows down during a storm.

These are all examples of bad habits. Almost everyone will admit to having some collection of bad habits, it’s part of the human condition.

Trying to curb these habits is also a healthy part of human nature, but bad habits don’t stop at personal hygiene or vehicle maintenance – there are plenty of technology-centric bad habits that can have disastrous consequences.

Business Technology Planning Guide – 2019 Edition

It’s nearly the end of the year! While many folks are considering winter vacations, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, business owners and managers have other things on their mind.

The end of the calendar year provides a time for reflection on the successes and failures of the previous 12 months and what might be able to be improved moving ahead.

The IT Glossary – Quick Reference Edition

Are you familiar with the term “jargon”? If you’ve ever been in a conversation with someone who knew A LOT about a subject and didn’t hold back a lot of industry terms, you’ve probably been the victim of a blast of jargon.

While a high frequency of jargon might give the impression that someone knows what they’re talking about, it’s not usually helpful for the other person in the conversation who doesn’t understand all the terminology.

Why a (Smart) Business Can’t Ignore Telecommuting

The American commute to work keeps getting longer. Despite our freeways and bypasses, more lanes and cars equipped with better navigation technology the average commute time for an American is now around 26.5 minutes.

That’s nation-wide, if you happen to live in a major metropolitan area the idea of a 26-minute commute might sound like a dream come true.