5 Simple Cybersecurity Measures Your Business Can Easily Take — But Many Fail To

5 Simple Cybersecurity Measure Your Business Should Take

There is a bit of a misconception that the only truly reliable and effective forms of IT security are high-tech in nature and must be handled by seasoned professionals. While terms like “firewall” and “keylogger” might start to make your head spin, there are ways that you and your workforce can do your part to promote strong cybersecurity.

While relying on trained and experienced IT professionals to protect your company’s network is ultimately your best bet, these professionals will be quick to tell you that a savvy security strategy starts with you and your employees.

The actions of you and your workforce will ultimately determine whether your network is vulnerable or not. That’s why it’s important to ingrain a culture of strong cybersecurity within your workforce. There are a variety of things you and your team can do right now to bolster your own cybersecurity. And, in many cases, it involves little time or money. You just have to put in the effort.

Some of these include:

  • Implementing unique passwords and changing them regularly. Those ‘abc123’ passwords might be convenient, but they’re more of a security liability then you probably realize. Implementing unique passwords, and changing them regularly, is so basic, yet, makes a major difference in protecting your network. It’s time to get serious about your approach to password protection.
  • Train your staff on common cybersecurity threats. Many cybersecurity breaches stem from an employee unwittingly handing over sensitive information. Whether through phishing or social engineering, this could be avoided simply by training your staff on what to look for. Take the time to talk about important cybersecurity threats so that your employees are not recklessly clicking links, downloading attachments and otherwise falling for what would be a very obvious red flag to the trained eye.
  • Investing in the proper solutions and keeping them updated. Very small companies might install the latest anti-virus software out of the box and call it good. This can be relatively effective, but only when you continually upgrade the software to keep up with the every-changing landscape of cybersecurity. Also, out-of-the-box solutions are only so effective, and round-the-clock monitoring by trained professionals can be an investment worth making.
  • Backing up your data. When disaster strikes and your business loses some, or all, of its data, that can be a death blow to your business. It’s a fact that many small businesses don’t ever recover from an instance like this. Backing up your data is part of cybersecurity 101, and working with IT professionals to design, and test, a DR process is also paramount in preventing disaster.
  • Acknowledging a threat. “I’m a small business with hardly any digital footprint — no one will bother attacking me.” This is a common, and very wrong, mindset. If you’re online, you’re a target — create a cybersecurity IT that treats yourself like a target.

Some of this can be done on your own, but it’s always important to have trained technicians in your corner to help guide you through these measures.