This holiday season, make a list of these important cybersecurity to-dos (and check it twice!)

The fast-paced, overworked professional lifestyle of a small business owner is one primary factor that makes it tough for them to find the time and opportunity to take a step back to critically examine their company’s approach to cybersecurity. They simply can’t find time in day-to-day operations.

That’s why the holiday season is a great time to do a little housekeeping around the office, which can also include scrutinizing your company’s current cybersecurity plan to ensure that you have robust protections in place against threats that range from hackers and natural disasters to attacks from inside your own business.

So, in between Secret Santa gift-giving and those raucous office holiday parties, try making a comprehensive checklist and make sure your business stays protected. The following are some must-have items on that list.


Run updates on everything

Everything from hardware and software to the web browsers that your users use to surf the internet can represent a soft spot in cybersecurity if not consistently updated.

As developers become privy to weaknesses, they issue updates to patch up those vulnerabilities. That’s why running updates on mobile devices, laptops, antivirus software and more is so paramount. The best part is, this is a really easy task — you just need to find time to do it.


Update passwords

Over time, passwords can fall into the wrong hands. It’s important that you continually change passwords to keep them fresh and strong. This time of year would be a great one to visit all of the password-protected components of your IT infrastructure and consider changing them.

Worried about how your small business can properly manage your passwords? Some great solutions make it easy for your employees while protecting your passwords at the same time.

Re-visit cyber security with employees and provide training

It never hurts to plan a quick session with your employees to examine the topic of cyber security.

Whether your company belongs to an industry that faces seasonal cyber security threats (retail businesses during the holiday shopping rush) or you’ve noticed employees being haphazard with their day-to-day network usage, the entire workforce must be on the same page. It only takes one individual to welcome in dangerous cyber security threats.

These sessions are a great time to revisit your policies and even take a look at any emerging threats that your team should be aware of for the future.


Make cyber security a year-round priority

Of course, while the holidays make for a great time to take care of these “housekeeping” items on your to-do list, practicing strong cyber security is important all year round.

With the help of skilled managed IT service providers, you can lean on the knowledge and experience of trained professionals to gain an outside, expert perspective on your current cyber security plan.