The Aftermath of a Data Breach

The Internet has gradually brought about fundamental changes in corporate data collection and security. Companies have more information about their customers today than ever before - and when a data breach occurs, it affects millions of people. The Internet also ensures that there is virtually no way to cover up the bad news of a data breach - people will find out eventually.

How Business Continuity Negates Ransomware Attacks

In November 2016 -- the day after Black Friday -- the public transit system of San Francisco fell prey to a ransomware attack that disabled its ticketing system for an entire day. With no fallback system in place -- and no way to sell tickets without the computer system -- the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency had no choice but to open the gates and let passengers ride for free.

How Cloud Computing Can Save the Day for Your Small Business

The digital age has ushered in some amazing opportunities for small businesses to compete with global brands. However, along with all of the benefits that new technology has brought to the table for small and mid-sized businesses, there is now a general expectation among consumers that all businesses will be able to provide the modern conveniences that larger ones afford them.