Is your workforce browsing securely? Here are some helpful tips to make sure it is

With cybersecurity risks as seemingly every turn, something as benign as browsing the internet can put your company’s information and network at risk.

When one of your employees is browsing the internet with a traditional web browser, they might be exposing important information, like his or her search preferences, or welcome tracking mechanisms, like cookies.

Should your small business be practicing web filtering?

Have you ever had those moments where you sat down at the computer to complete a task, but quickly became distracted by something else? With so many distracting things readily available for us online, this is commonplace. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen at home, either — employees belonging to companies of all sizes and industries are just as susceptible to wasting time online.

Small business cybersecurity on the cheap

Let’s clear one thing up right away. Your company’s cybersecurity is not an area where you want to cut corners.

Trying to save by being stingy when it comes to protecting your network and sensitive information can lead to catastrophic problems capable of driving you out of business completely.