PCI Compliance

Meet PCI Compliance Requirements With Continuous Networks

If your business processes, transmits or stores credit card data, your business is subject to the Payment Card Data Security Standards or PCI DSS. It is a set of security guidelines, rules, and requirements designed to control costly data breaches and account theft across the industry. This comprehensive standard is intended to help businesses to proactively protect customer account data.

Continuous Networks helps businesses like yours achieve PCI compliance

We offer a sound solution to help your business achieve PCI compliance. Our solutions allow you to protect end-to-end consumer purchase transaction and avoid costly data loss and the damaged reputation that comes with it.

As PCI qualified security assessors, our team of experts can help you navigate the ins-and-outs of regulations, offering practical solutions to help you meet and maintain compliance.

Who Needs to Be PCI-compliant?

As mentioned before, all businesses that accept credit cards must be PCI compliant. That means everyone from brick-and-mortar stores, to e-commerce shops, to financial and medical institutions. The regulations mandated by the credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB) need to be adhered to. If you want your business to continue accepting revenue via credit card or debit card transactions, you must comply.


Any organization that accepts one or more of the five major credit cards that formed the PCI DSS council.


Businesses that transmit, process, or store credit card information for other merchants.


Devices or online shopping carts that transmit, processes, or store credit card information like credit card readers, e-commerce carts, or point-of-sale systems


The middleman for merchants and banks; these companies transmit data between a business running a credit card with a bank that either approves or denies a request for payment

Essentials for PCI Compliance

PCI DSS requirements can be broken down into six main goals. Miss one and your business could be fined and penalized by the PCI DSS.

  • Always maintain a secure physical network
  • Protect and safeguard customer data
  • Maintain a secure internal network
  • Limit data access to authorized staff
  • Monitor and test data security systems regularly
  • Educate staff on PCI compliance regulations

How we can help

We can all agree that achieving PCI compliance is a rather daunting task. Without knowledge of all the requirements you would have to provide, rules that you need to follow, and the cost of other security checks, working with a partner to meet PCI compliance is a time-effective and cost-effective solution.

That is why we are here! Continuous Networks has been helping businesses of all sizes obtain PCI compliance for the last 10 years. We have developed a comprehensive yet streamlined process that takes out unnecessary steps to get your business closer to meeting compliance.

Call us today and let our PCI consultants do the heavy lifting while you focus on growing your business.

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