Structured Cabling

A reliable network infrastructure starts with good structured cabling.

We are all living in a fast paced data-driven world- we all share photos, videos, spreadsheets & documents and more. Today's digital era revolves around data transmission, and this is not limited to our personal lives, even organizations are dependent on the dynamics that digital technology brings. Many companies are making a significant investment when it comes to having a reliable network cabling infrastructure, not just updating cabling for relocations but also to ensure your infrastructure is fit to handle technological advancements.

Think of the data your business uses as the cars and the highway is the your network wiring. The more scalable and stable the highway is, the faster and more cars (data) are able to travel back and forth. Processing and transmitting data as fast and efficiently as possible enables your productivity to grow significantly.

Continuous Networks can help your business achieve these productivity gains. We are an experienced structured cabling company. We provide voice and data cabling for small to medium-sized businesses. We've partnered with some of the leading suppliers of all type cabling such as:

  • Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A

  • Shielded and Unshielded Twisted Pair

  • USB Cables

  • Fiber Optics

  • Telephone Wires

  • Coaxial Cables and more

Having a uniform and precise structured cabling system can potentially eliminate disruptions and failures, ensure that your network is easily maintained, and provide the necessary overhead to allow for change and growth without extra expense in the future.

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