Wireless Networking

Connection mobility to put you ahead of the pack.

Whether you want to set up a wireless network for the first time or you are looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure, our network engineering team has been designing, implementing and supporting wireless network for decades.


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At Continuous we go beyond simply designing and installing your wireless network. With careful planning, we will be able to identify the necessary equipment to be deployed in your space. This is also the perfect time to assess whether an existing wireless network needs upgrading, such as LAN switch or router.

In addition to good planning, a strategic installation is key. Our engineers can climb the steepest walls and crawl the most narrow floors to ensure solid and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in every room in the office.

Wireless Networking brings more than just sharing internet connection, most companies nowadays utilize wireless technology to share resources like files, printers, applications and more. With faulty connectivity, collaboration, communication, and productivity all suffer greatly. Also, visitors are able to enjoy the BYOD feature of the wireless network that may increase their interest in your business and transform them from prospects to contracted clients.

Contact us today to discuss your existing or upcoming wireless network environment. We can work with you to resolve any issues and plan for a predictable, stable connection.

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