Public Service Offer To Our Fellow NJ/NY Business Owners
And Managers Coping with the Current Crisis



Our company focuses on helping small businesses work efficiently and securely from
literally anywhere in the world. We’ve invested many years into building our remote access and cybersecurity offering and because of that, we want to offer it to you, COMPLETELY FREE for up to 3 months!

Limited Time and Availability

We are offering this to the first 10 businesses who qualify. We'd love to offer this to everyone but time and resources are limited.

What Will I Get?

Our team will install and configure many of the same amazing tools we use for our existing customers including:

  • Secure remote access to your office PCs from a home PC
  • Automated patching off all office computers and servers (to keep them secure)
  • Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (think SUPER Antivirus) for all office computers and servers
  • Perimeter Defense Software (prevent people from clicking on dangerous links in emails and web sites)
  • Automated weekly reporting of patching status, antivirus status
  • Cloud based backups of your servers with instant virtualization restore capability (turn your server backup ‘ON’ in the cloud)

To speak with us about this offer,
please use the following link to book
a 10-15 minute consultation with Ross:

Why Are You Doing This?

We believe in helping people and businesses. Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide the businesses we work with a range of additional services that they didn’t pay for, so that we could ensure their success during these challenging times. Now we want to extend that same courtesy to businesses we don’t work with. We firmly believe that the success of our community depends upon us coming together and helping each other out during a crisis.

How Does It Work?

Most of what we do can be performed remotely, however, in some cases will need local access to your computers and network. This can also be achieved by utilizing a member of your staff to provide us with ‘remote hands’ in order to install our software and utilities. Depending upon the size of your company and computer network, this rollout can often be completed in as little as 1 day.

But My Users Are Already Working Remotely

That’s fantastic! If you’ve been able to make this transition successfully, you are in good shape. We can still help make sure that your remote users are interacting with your computer network securely! We expect a dramatic increase in the number of Cyber Attacks over the coming months due to the significantly increased number of remote users. Let us help you be sure that your remote users are secure and prevent these types of attacks from making the Financial Fallout of this crisis, even worse.

Are You Offering This to Everyone?

Every business is a potential candidate, however, not every business will qualify for the offer. It is important that we can determine whether we can successfully provide your business with these services, systems and tools.

We have expertise working with the following types of businesses:

  • Healthcare practices with more than 15 computers
  • Manufacturing/Distribution/Wholesale firms with more than 15 computers
  • Financial Services firms with more than 15 computers
  • Professional Services firms with more than 15 computers

What Happens After the FREE 3 Month Period?

You can cancel with at least 15 days advanced written notice prior to the end of the 3 months (it takes some time for us to off-board you) and incur no financial obligation whatsoever. You may also continue to work with us under 1 of our 3 technology service offerings. We sincerely hope that you will see the value that we bring to your business and choose to continue working with us!

You may also contact me at:

Stay safe everyone, and most importantly take care of each other!


Ross Brouse President | Continuous Networks