Cloud-Migration Considerations for Businesses

Winter is coming, and while we don’t like to borrow cheesy puns from Game of Thrones, the ominous warning from the fiction world that George R.R. Martin created does have some relevance in this reality.

For our purposes, we’re going to take spread that warning for businesses who have not yet made the decision to migrate their company data to a cloud network.

How Cloud Computing Can Save the Day for Your Small Business

The digital age has ushered in some amazing opportunities for small businesses to compete with global brands. However, along with all of the benefits that new technology has brought to the table for small and mid-sized businesses, there is now a general expectation among consumers that all businesses will be able to provide the modern conveniences that larger ones afford them.

Cloud Adoption Soars in 2016

Have you moved your business's IT operations to the cloud yet? If you haven't -- or you aren't even entirely sure what the cloud is -- never fear. You can always count on techies to invent confusing names for new technologies. In short, the cloud is how your business is going to shave up to 30 percent from its IT budget this year -- but migrating to the cloud doesn't just reduce IT expenses.