The Massive DDoS Attack of October – Post Mortem

October is known to have its share of scares, with Halloween kicking off the holiday season youngsters and the young-at-heart alike. But the United States had a scare of a different type on October 21st related to a massive DDoS attack directed at Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company headquartered in New Hampshire.

Securing The Cloud For Customers – 2016 And Beyond

In the past couple of years, two trends have dominated the headlines when it comes to business technology: the proliferation of cloud-based computing, and the growing prevalence of cyber security breaches. Neither of these two concepts is truly foreign to internal IT teams or end-users, but they have started to gain traction in the media.

Cybersecurity For Business

Here's a fun thought experiment, try and imagine one area of your business today that does not involve technology in some way. It seems like even making coffee these days involves a computer of some kind. With so much reliance on technology, it's incredibly important to put security measures in place so business functions are not disrupted.