Technology News Digest – January Edition

Have you had the time to keep up with the latest tech headlines over the past two months? If you haven't, never fear -- we've collected the top four tech headlines from December and January right here. This holiday season, we learned the true extent of the financial damage that ransomware attacks caused in 2016. We've also found out what Microsoft is doing to end the epidemic.

Top Technology Headlines – Security Edition

At a time in which corporate network administrators feel safer than ever -- what kind of security concerns should a company be focused on when most employee computers run their applications in the cloud? -- this month's edition of our "Tech Headlines Digest" underscore the reality that no computer security solution works 100 percent of the time, and how you can most efficiently prepare yourself and your internal IT systems.

Continuous Networks Technology News Digest – October & November

The fall months continue to hint at a cold season being just around the corner. In some areas of the country there has already been snowfall! Despite overall temperatures on the decline, the technology news cycle continues to be as hot as ever.

Between the Presidential election, to new "spearphishing" hacker tactics, outsourcing security, and voting – this month’s edition of the technology news rounds up is bursting, let’s dig right in!