Does Using a Webcam Cover Really Protect You From Cybercriminals?

Video Transcription

Webcam covers are a freakin SCAM!

And here’s why.

Before a cyber criminal can watch you on your webcam, they first have to get on your computer.

And they do this with a piece of malware called a REMOTE ACCESS TROJAN.

Once on your computer not only can they watch your webcam but they can also:

  • Listen to your microphone
  • See all of your files
  • And, potentially see everything you type into your keyboard.

While it may feel like you are protecting your privacy with that little plastic cover… What you type on your keyboard is far more important to your security.

A better way to protect yourself than these silly webcam covers is a great Antivirus tool.

For home users, I recommend BitDefender Total Security and for Business users, SentinelOne Complete.

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