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Continuous Networks Provides Your Company the Continuous Quality You Require!

Working with a technology vendor doesn’t have to be painful. Continuous Networks is committed to maintaining Continuous Quality for all of our clients, and we achieve that by remaining committed to the following 4 Continuous Qualities.

We Have Deep Expertise In How Small And Mid-Sized Manufacturing, Wholesale and Import/Export Firms Operate

We SPECIALIZE in IT services for small and mid-sized Manufacturing, Wholesale, Import/Export Firms in the New Jersey and New York city area. Many other generic IT firms cater to several different industries, but Manufacturing, Wholesalers and Import/Export Firm IT support is ALL we do. This means we bring deep experience and knowledge of your software systems, the critical importance of your supply chain and the operations of your company in order to solve problems most other IT firms can’t solve or don’t know how to solve.

We Reduce Your Risk of Being Hacked by 99%

Our Manufacturing, Wholesale and Import/Export clients decrease their risk of being HACKED by 99% within the first 90 days of working with us. We utilize only the best cyber security software that is backed by highly trained 24/7/365 security professionals who utilize the most robust security processes to prevent your company from getting hacked. Our clients simply do not deal with the risk that most other IT company's clients suffer.

We Disaster Proof Your Business

We drastically reduce the risk of loss for our clients by working with them to create a bulletproof backup and recovery process that works 100% of the time and guarantees that they know EXACTLY what to do in the event of a disaster and PRECISELY how long it will take to become operational again. Our clients sleep better at night knowing that they have our unique process protecting their business, their team and their lives from tragedy.

We Answer All Service Requests In Under 30 Minutes and Resolve 99% of All Issues The Same Day!

If you have an issue that prevents you or your team from working, we guarantee to have a qualified technician working to resolve that issue in UNDER 30 MINUTES. Furthermore, we resolve 85% of all issues the SAME DAY they happen so you can be sure that you and your staff remain efficient and effective!

We wrote the books on Cyber Security



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