Recent study shows how vulnerable small businesses continue to be when it comes to cybersecurity

We often discuss the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches among businesses of all sizes and industries and underscore how important it is to properly protect your company’s network and data.

Still, despite the prevalence of cyber security threats, and the fact that a significant breach or loss of data can result in thousands of dollars in fallout, many companies are quite lax when it comes to protecting their businesses.

Is your small business properly managing its passwords?

Imagine for a second that you equip your home with a state-of-the-art security system in order to keep out unwanted guests. If a thief so much as opened a window to crawl through, your system would detect their actions and alert authorities.

But, regardless of this advanced security system, you also left your front door unlocked and wide open, so that pretty much anyone could walk right in.