Is your small business properly managing its passwords?

Imagine for a second that you equip your home with a state-of-the-art security system in order to keep out unwanted guests. If a thief so much as opened a window to crawl through, your system would detect their actions and alert authorities.

But, regardless of this advanced security system, you also left your front door unlocked and wide open, so that pretty much anyone could walk right in.

Medical and health care businesses have unique cyber security needs — here’s a little bit about them

Last blog post, we identified a few different industries that find themselves more susceptible to cyber security threats. In general, these are industries where businesses are tasked with storing personal and sensitive information.

Hackers are not going to waste their time trying to obtain information that has no value — they target information that they can monetarily benefit from.

If your business belongs to one of these industries, you should be on high alert for cyber attacks

Here on this blog, we often write about how one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business is assuming that you are not at risk of a cyber attack. Many small businesses assume that they are too small for hackers to even bother messing with.

While this is untrue, and businesses of ALL sizes and industries should always plan for a would-be cyber attack, the reality is that some industries attract attacks more so than others.

Cyber security: A BIG concern for small businesses

When cyber security breaches hit large companies, the news makes headlines around the country. We recently saw this when a single hacker stole troves of personal information from Capital One Financial Corporation.

These types of hacks are certainly noteworthy because they affect millions of people, and put their personal information in jeopardy.