Cyber insurance might be a lifeline that ends up saving your business

If your company’s office caught on fire, or was damaged by a storm, the chances are high that your insurance coverage would help you cover the costs associated with such damage and put you back on the path to recovery.

But, what about a different type of disaster — one that is happening more and more to businesses of all kinds throughout the country?

Breaches in a business’ IT infrastructure and computer network can have a similar, devastating effect on a company, but traditional insurance does not cover the financial fallout whatsoever.

Following Stolen Data on the Dark Web

The internet is something even the most technologically-averse people interact with daily. This miraculous tool has changed the way we live our lives, how we interact with friends and family and how we conduct business. If the internet were a car, then the data created and shared online would be the gasoline that powers that vehicle.

Outsourced Resource Guide for Small Business

What does the word “startup” mean? In the context of business, one probably thinks about a new company attempting to find its appeal to customers in a specific industry. In certain verticals, the phrase “startup” might conjure up images of ping-pong tables and Friday afternoon happy hours with company-sponsored libations.

Why and Where Outsourcing Can Benefit A Business

Timing is everything.

How many times have you heard this phrase? If you take a moment to think about it, you can likely remember several times throughout your life (professional or personal) when timing made all the difference in the outcome.

Another saying that applies to what we’ll be talking about today goes something like “luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. Small and medium-sized business owners need to consider growth differently than other more well-established companies.