Structured Cabling

Don’t let old installs and neglected maintenance ruin your network performance.

Network issues could be an indicator of something much worse than cabling.

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Poorly managed cabling can really cost you…

Ultimately, the costs of not having well-structured cabling infrastructure can be enormous.

Reliable network infrastructure
starts with good structured cabling.


Many companies are making significant investments to ensure their networks are reliable. Instead of just waiting for the next office move to update your cabling, doing it now will make your infrastructure ready to handle any technological advancements.

Having a uniform and precise structured cabling system can eliminate disruptions and failures, ensure that your network is easily maintained, and provide the necessary overhead to allow for change and growth without extra expenses in the future.

Our Structured Cabling services



Improve airflow to increase longevity of your equipment by keeping cables properly organized.



Increase efficiency when upgrading or changing your cables in the event of an emergency or failure.



Understanding your data pathways becomes easier when navigating your cabling network is clear.



We create all needed reference documents and guidelines for upgrading/adding components.

Data-transmission testing

Data-transmission testing

We test newly structured network functionality with upgraded cabling for immediate improvements in speed and reliability.

What could this mean for your business?

Reduced overall costs

Maintaining and upgrading network infrastructure in the future is easier, requiring less investment.

Increased productivity

More reliable network transmissions minimize downtime, leading to improvements in productivity.

Better cybersecurity protection

Increase your protection from cyber attacks with your network able to better manage security protocols.

Better user experiences

Improve customer and staff satisfaction with faster overall network performance.

Clients who have benefited from our Structured Cabling services tell us:

Better Sleep Guarantee

We provide a tailored solution that will address any weaknesses in your IT and works with your existing systems to optimize your infrastructure piece by piece.

We guarantee tangible results you can see and feel throughout the organization in less than 90 days, and if you’re not sleeping better as a result, we’ll buy you a new mattress!


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