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IT Generalists Should NOT Be In Charge Of Your Cybersecurity… Here’s Why.

Video Transcription You wouldn’t hire your CFO to do your taxes, would you? Of course not. That’s the job of your accountant. So then let …

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IT People Are NOT Cybersecurity People!

Video Transcription IT people are NOT cybersecurity people. And here’s why. Jason Whitehurst  I can give you an example, after example, of us sitting in …

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Scanned Any QR Codes Lately?… Your Phone Likely Has A VIRUS!

Video Transcription I’m sorry to have to tell you this… But you have a virus. How did you get it, you ask? Hmmm… Have you …

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Cyberattacks Happen In Seconds… Is YOUR Business Actually Protected?

Will YOUR Business Survive a Cyberattack? If you’ve seen the above video and would like to know for certain if you would be able to …

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Recent MS Office Exploit Will Get Your PC Hacked! Do THIS To Protect It.

Video Transcription Do you use Microsoft Office? Yup, me too. Did you know there is a critical vulnerability that allows an attacker to install programs, …

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The Best Way To AVOID Having Your Credit Card Stolen Online

Video Transcription Have you ever had your credit card stolen online? It sucks! And even though most banks will cover fraudulent charges… changing your card …

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Anatomy of a Phishing Email (Hacking Techniques Exposed)

Video Transcription Have you ever accidentally… Clicked a link in an email that you wish you hadn’t? Email scams are getting better and better and …

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Is Your Password Safe? How To Know If Your Password Is Compromised

Video Transcription Have you ever wondered if a cybercriminal has access to your password? Well, here’s how you can find out. Go to, enter …

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Why You SHOULDN’T Use The Password Manager in Google Chrome

Video Transcription Don’t use the password manager in Google Chrome! I know it’s convenient, but it’s not safe using Google Chrome to store your passwords. …

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