3 Cybersecurity Questions To Ask Your Accountant NOW!

Video Transcription

Here are three questions you must ask your accountant before letting them prepare your taxes this year.

Question 1: Are we using encrypted email to transfer my financial documents without using email encryption? 

Anyone can read any of those documents that you’re sending via email.

Question 2: Are all of my financial documents being stored in a secure vault?

If your accountant gets hacked and your data is not encrypted in a secure vault, that data can easily be stolen by a cyber criminal?

Question 3: Does your firm have a proper information security policy in place?

All accounting firms are required to have a written information security plan in place it’s mandated by federal law.


Before working with your tax professional, be sure they can properly answer these questions so that you can be sure your data is kept safe from cyber attacks.

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Ross Brouse

President, Continuous Networks

Ross has served the IT needs of businesses across NY and NJ for more than 15 years. He’s also the host of the Legends Of I.T. Podcast, a show for dedicated I.T. Professionals to improve their skills and respective  organizations each day.

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