3 Tips for Making Your Work Week More Productive

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Video Transcription

You ever finished your work week, feeling like you got nothing done at all?
It’s a crappy feeling that leaves you unfulfilled and stressed out.

Now imagine finishing your work week feeling energized, fulfilled and ready to spend time with friends and family.
It’s not only possible, it’s easier than you think.

Here are three useful tips for making your work week productive and getting everything done that you plan to:


Tip #1: Make a schedule ahead of time

Every Sunday morning make your to do list.
Don’t wait until Sunday night when you’re tired or Monday morning when your work weeks already begun.
Do it Sunday morning when your mind is clear, fresh, and you can plan your entire week properly.


Tip #2: Prioritize your To-Dos using a filter

A filter is a question that you ask yourself before starting any task on your list.
I typically use two filters for my list.

The first filter is am I the best person to do the work?
If the answer is no, then I delegate.

The second filter is do I need to get the work done this week?
Because if not, I put it to the bottom of the list.


Tip #3: Make your tasks time bound

I book all my tasks on my calendar using specific start and stop times and I never book a task that takes more than two hours to complete.
And if it does take more than two hours, then I break it down into smaller more manageable tasks.

Using these three tips, I finish every week feeling relaxed, accomplished and fulfilled.


Do you struggle to complete your task list every week?
Or do you have a good system for being productive? 

Send me an email and let me know what system YOU use to get ready for a productive week.


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