3 Tips To Prevent Business Identity Theft

Could your business still be at risk of identity theft?

Even with the suggested payment controls in our video, we find a lot of businesses are still at risk from other GAPS in their technology. Get your Continuous THREAT CHECK and find out where you stand.

Video Transcription

This is absolutely NUCKING FUTSer

You’ve heard of identity theft, but you probably thought, well, that only happens to people.
I’m here to warn you that it’s happening to businesses too.

We recently had a bunch of business checks stolen, which amounted to more than $40,000.
These checks originated from different geographical areas, and all seem to have been stolen from the exact same place.

But that’s not even the worst part.

We lost more than just our money, we lost our identity.
That’s right, our business identity was stolen.

Now you’re probably thinking, well, how the hell does something like that happened?
It’s easy, and apparently, it’s happening everywhere.


It starts with an attacker opening a personal bank account online, and this can be done in about five minutes with little to no verification.

Next, they go to your State’s website and download your business certificate.
This is just a PDF file and it can be easily altered.

Once the attacker has established a personal relationship with the bank.
They use a fake ID to open a bank account in your business’s name with a bank that you don’t use and boom, business identity stolen.

Think about someone else going around accepting your payments depositing your checks collecting your revenue simply by buying a fake ID, opening a personal bank account online, modifying a couple of PDFs, and opening a business bank account in your name.

This is absolute madness!


I really hate to say this, but the only three good solutions to protect yourself right now is to place controls on how you get paid.

  1. Stop taking paper checks from your customers and put them on ACH
  2. If your customer won’t stop sending you paper checks draw up illegal waiver that holds them responsible for any checks you never receive.
  3. If your state allows it, charge an additional fee for the acceptance of paper checks to incentivize your customer to use a secure online payment method.


If this scares you, pisses you off or you have a similar story, share with us by sending an email to info@continuous.net

If you have any concerns that your business may be at risk of identity theft, or could have some cybersecurity measures falling through the cracks,  contact our support team on +1 (201) 579 2086 and get the RIGHT advice.

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