Here Are 3 Truths About Webcam Hacking, You’re NOT Ready To Hear…

Is somebody watching through your webcam without your knowledge?

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Video Transcription

Here are 3 truths about webcam hacking that you’re not ready to hear.

TRUTH #1: Hacking a webcam is easy.

Anybody with a few years of computer science experience can do it.

Don’t believe me, search YouTube for how to hack a webcam and look at the number of results.

There are full video tutorials that walk you through how to do this


TRUTH #2: Just because your webcam activity light is off doesn’t mean that someone isn’t watching you.

The malware required to hack your webcam can be configured to disable most webcam activity lights, it’s a little more complicated for a cyber spy to accomplish it, but definitely not impossible.


TRUTH #3: Webcam covers provide you with a false sense of security.

For a cyber spy to hijack your webcam, they have to deploy malware onto your machine.

And this means they likely have full access to your computer already and all the data on it, and that means you have much bigger problems than whether or not they can see you through your webcam.


What have you done to secure your webcam?

And do you think it’s enough to keep cyber spies out? 


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