The Dangers of Auto-Connecting to WiFi Networks When You’re Traveling

Video Transcription

You need to STOP doing this…

When you’re traveling for business.

Did you know that most smartphones have a setting that auto-connects you to a known WiFi network?

This can be a really handy feature when you are at home or at the office!

However, this feature can be incredibly dangerous when you are traveling…


Here are the steps for how you can disable this feature to keep your information safe while traveling…

On the iPhone, go into:

✅ Settings > Wi-Fi.

✅ Find the Wi-Fi network you’d like to disable Auto-Join with.

✅ Tap the “I” that resides next to the Wi-Fi name.

✅ Move the Auto-Join toggle to off.


Are you cautious of your WiFi connections while traveling?

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