How To Know If Your Password Can Be Easily HACKED

Video Transcription

Can your password be easily hacked?


Most passwords can be cracked in a matter of minutes…

Mostly because people make them too short!

They also get easily hacked because people use names, dictionary words, or other identifiable character strings that make guessing them very easy.

If your password is 6 characters long and contains numbers, plus upper and lower case letters…
It can be HACKED in 1 second!

7 characters? Hacked in 1 minute.
8 characters? Hacked in 1 hour.
9 characters? Hacked in 3 days.

Make your passwords at least 11 characters long with Letters, Numbers, and symbols and not based on a dictionary word or name.

But remember this!

LENGTH always BEATS complexity!

In fact, a 15-character password of nothing but random lowercase letters would take 1,000 years to hack!

How secure is your password?


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