Encryption: The BIGGEST Mistake Your Making With Your Laptop

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Video Transcription

Tonight you’ll receive a call.
The call will be from Jason, a member of your sales team.
Hey, Jason, what’s up?

He’ll apprehensively inform you that his laptop was stolen out of his car while he was at the gym.
“I’m sorry, what?”
“How the hell did that happen?”

Little did you know that Jason had a copy of your customer list on his laptop.
And now I have it.

“Jason, what did you have on your laptop?”
“You didn’t have the sales folder synced? Did you?”

Your names, their email addresses their telephone numbers.
I’m currently scanning the hard drive of Jason’s laptop, and I’m certain I’ll find other gems too.

“Jason, please tell me you didn’t have that entire sales folder synced.
That has our entire customer database on it.”

You could have made it a challenge.
You could have made it nearly impossible.
But lucky for me, there was no encryption on Jason’s laptop.
So getting in was easy.

I also have Jason’s password and I’ve logged into his email.
Who knows what valuable data I’ll find.
Sure, you’ll have his password changed quickly, but it won’t matter.
Because I’m already in your system.

Do you fully understand the cybersecurity risks that face your business today?
Here’s the third of my top five cybersecurity recommendations to prevent your business from getting hacked.

Recommendation Number 3: Encrypt your Devices.

Did you know that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds?
Did you also know that 56% of reported business laptop thefts resulted in a data breach?

Encrypting your laptop is EASY and provides a fantastic level of protection for your data.
Also, don’t forget to shut down your laptop completely when changing locations, so you can limit your vulnerability to cold boot attacks.

If you’d like to find out more about Encryption for your devices and Security Awareness Training for your employees, you can visit our Cybersecurity page, or contact our support team on +1 (201) 579-2086, or by sending an email to info@continuous.net

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