Fake Virus Warning Popup? DON’T Click On Them!

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Video Transcription

You’re working at your computer one night when all of a sudden, a cryptic message pops up that says you are infected with a virus.

This is a common scareware tactic used by hackers.
When you see it, your computer isn’t actually infected with a virus…
however, when you click on it…


And they’re tricky little B@5t@r#s too.
They disguise these alerts to make them look just like something your computer would actually show you.

But regardless of HOW LEGITIMATE it looks, NEVER, EVER click on any part of that type of notification!

IN FACT, don’t click on a close button.
Don’t click on the cancel button.
Don’t click on the X!

Clicking on any part of that notification will trigger a download of the virus.


Here are your options.

  1. Quit your browser
  2. Hold Control + Alt + Delete on a PC or Command + Option + Esc to Force Quit on a Mac and then find the web browser you were working in when the notification popped up and close it.

Lastly, notify your IT department IMMEDIATELY so they can perform a proper security scan of your computer.


Follow these steps next time you see a notification like this and prevent yourself from becoming the person responsible for getting your entire company hacked!

If you’d like to find out if there may be other areas of your business that could be exposed to cyber crime of other sorts, contact our expert Cybersecurity support team by email to info@continuous.net, or call +1 (201) 579-2086.

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