3 Tips For Keeping Your Business Internet Connection Reliable

Video Transcription

How much does it suck when the internet goes down?
Everyone gets frustrated and it becomes impossible to get anything done.

We live in a cloud-based technology world.
Any fast, reliable, and redundant internet connection is critical to making you efficient and productive.

How many internet connections do you have?
I hope it’s more than one.

I come across so many companies who only use a single internet connection, or sometimes I find companies who have two internet connections, but their firewall isn’t configured to automatically swap between them.

What’s the point?
I think we can all agree that downtime sucks.
So now that we agree, let’s also agree that having redundant internet connections is really important to avoid that downtime.

Here my top three recommendations for keeping your connectivity to the internet reliable:

Number 1: Make sure you have TWO connections.
I recommend a primary fiber-optic connection any backup cable or coax connection.
There are also great LTE backup connections available today.
Many that come with unlimited bandwidth.

Number 2: Make sure you have a firewall that not only supports automatic ISP failover but is also configured to handle it.
Most UTM firewalls today are able to handle this quite easily, and it’s just a matter of configuring and testing them.

Number 3: Invest in a second backup firewall.
This can automatically take over in the event that your primary firewall goes down. It might sound excessive, but so are the costs of having to pay your people when they can’t work. 

If you want to find out more about obtaining or configuring a second internet connection for your business, so you too can have a rock-solid reliable connection at all times, contact our support team by email to info@continuous.net, or call +1 (201) 597-2086.

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