The #1 Cyber Security Threat to Businesses.. Your People!

Would you like to know if other areas of your business technology could ALSO be exposed to Cyber Security Threats?

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Video Transcription

You don’t know me by my real name.
Claire, your Human Resources Director should have mentioned me though.

She knows me by the name Eric.
Don’t remember?
That’s OK.
You’re a busy person.
And you don’t have time to remember everyone.

She and I spoke over the phone last week and she was very impressed with me.
And my resume.
I think you will be too.

When you finally see what I can do.

Claire just open that resume I sent her and is feeling extremely confused as to why nothing happened.
Is her computer broken?
She’ll rebooted hope for the best.

Meanwhile, the virus will have already taken ahold of her computer quickly making its way around your network, and very shortly, I’ll have encrypted all of your company’s data, and you’ll be unable to work.
Unable to communicate with customers.
Unable to pay your bills, or receive your invoices.

I’ll own you. And, your business.

Do you fully understand the cybersecurity risks that are facing your business today?
Here’s the second of my top five cybersecurity recommendations to prevent your business from getting hacked.

Recommendation No. 2: Implement Security Awareness Training.

Did you know that human error accounts for two thirds of data breaches?
ALL businesses today have something to worry about when it comes to human error.

Security awareness training provides your business with one of the best defense weapons against these types of user focused threats.
Users must be aware of the risks and threats that will inevitably come their way.

If you’d like to find out more about Cyber Security Threats and Security Awareness Training, you can visit our Cybersecurity page, or contact our support team on +1 (201) 579-2086, or by sending an email to

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