There’s One HUGE Time Suck In Your Business… Your Service Desk!

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Video Transcription

Are you in your people constantly running around fixing dumb little issues with computers, with printers with personalities?

Listen, I get it.

The job of an IT manager is difficult.

You’re expected to keep everything running smoothly.

And yet every time you think you’ll get a few minutes to work on that important project, Barb from accounting taps on your shoulder.

And guess what? That was the third time this week that Barb asked you if you could reboot the internet because it was running slowly.

Listen, Barb, your computer will run better if you stop watching Netflix, close out your 97 Pinterest browser tabs and do some work.

Don’t worry. We love you, Barb.

And we sincerely appreciate those Girl Scout cookies you keep leaving in the break room.


But seriously, how do you and your team track all of these requests?

Shoulder taps?
Sticky notes?

How can you possibly keep track of all of the end-user support requests and know exactly how much time you’re spending on those issues without proper service desk software?

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to have a report to back that up so you can show your boss how thin your team is stretched?

If you’re curious about how much time and energy your end-user issues are costing you in the company, or if you’re concerned about other technology areas that you might be missing, take our free online CyberSCORE Assessment and find out where you stand.

It’s like going to the doctor to get the quickest easiest health checkup you’ve ever had.

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