How Much Are Outdated Workstations & Servers Costing Your Business?

How much are your outdated workstations and servers actually costing YOUR business?

Our online CyberSCORE Assessment will help you identify any risks or areas you could see significant improvement.

Click the Orange button to perform your CyberSCORE Assessment and find out where you stand.

Video Transcription

You’re a busy IT manager with way too much on your plate.

Computer issues, printer issues, network issues… People issues!

How the hell do you get anything done with so many responsibilities?

Even worse, maybe managing IT is not your only job.

Facilities Management? Application Support?

Helping Janice and accounting with her cat pics for the third time this week?


Now… a serious question…

Maybe Janice’s computer just isn’t up to the task of managing 1000s of cat pics.

Maybe Janice deserves a new computer.


When is the last time you refreshed your workstations and servers and is the warranty on that equipment even tracked?

Listen, I don’t blame you if it’s not.

It’s easy to overlook something as BORING as warranty tracking.

But how do you know these slow computers aren’t costing the business money and lost time in productivity?


One of the most common complaints we see coming into our service desk is slow computers.

How much is it costing the business when your employees have to stop working and start asking you for help?


If you’re curious about how much Janice’s slow computer is costing you and your company, or if you’re concerned about other areas of your technology that you might be missing, take our free online CyberSCORE assessment and find out where you stand.

It’s like going to the doctor to get the quickest easiest health checkup you’ve ever had. 

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