Cybersecurity Nightmare Slap ft Roscoe P. & Karl U

Video Transcription

Most people NEVER remember what you teach them, because what gets taught is NEVER memorable!

Cybersecurity is one of those things we choose to ignore…

Because until something bad happens to you, cybersecurity is pretty boring.

Let’s change that!

Get ready for Roscoe P. featuring Karl U, taking you on a cybersecurity trip down memory lane.

I guarantee you’re going to want to consume every second of this little story, especially those of you who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this epic cybersecurity journey.


— Song Lyrics —

Well this is a story all about how
My business got screwed and burned to the ground
And I’d like to take a minute comma Oh Eight
And show ya never to se-cur-ity abdicate.
10 years in, it was a dope decade
New projects and clients and I kept gettin’ paid.
Cyber-criminals be hackin’, but I ain’t no fool
Thugs don’t want my data, my budget is minuscule
Then a couple of hackers, who were up to no good
Started hackin’ email like a hacker would
I clicked one bad link and my business got owned
Cybersecurity is no joke, so don’t postpone
I called my IT vendor, they picked up the phone
My IT is a mess, I need a chaperone
After everything I said, they came real quick
It cost 10 times more, that’s shit arithmetic
Now, I, love security and IT support
These cybercriminals can no more extort
I looked at my business I was finally there
My IT budget is finally fair.

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