You Just Clicked On a Dangerous Link… What Now?

Video Transcription

You Just Clicked On a Dangerous Link… What Now?

✅ Stay calm.

✅ Listen very carefully.

Malicious links are designed to:

Collect your personal data


Install malware onto your device without YOU knowing

If you’ve just clicked on one of these links, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect Your device from the internet – this helps stop the spread of a virus to other devices
  2. If this is a computer, scan your system for malware using your installed antivirus software
  3. Change your passwords, especially any you may have entered into a fake web form.
  4. Setup fraud alerts with the credit bureaus and put your credit ON HOLD with all 3 of them
  5. Forward the phishing email to the Anti-phishing workgroup at:

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