Do You REALLY Think Nobody Wants To HACK Your Business?

After watching this video, do you NOW think your business could be at risk?

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Video Transcription

“I don’t need to buy any of those expensive cybersecurity tools. I’m a small business. Nobody wants to hack us.”
“Oh, hackers target large companies, not small fish like me.”
“I don’t need all that crazy stuff. I’ve got business insurance in case anything bad happens.”
“I think we’re good. We got anti-virus and never had a problem before”
“No, I don’t need that my cousin Doug takes care of the network. And so far we’ve been okay.”

Does this sound like you?

These are just some of the objections I’ve heard from clients and prospects who choose to ignore that they have significant risks when it comes to their cybersecurity.

Just imagine you’re a small business owner dealing with the day to day stress of running your business operations, then some sales guy from an IT company comes along and tries to sell you a bunch of expensive cyber security tools.

And you think to yourself, I’ve never had a problem with this before.

So I just don’t see a reason to do more than we already have been.

But how do you really know that you’re doing enough?

According to a recent CNBC survey, 43% of cyber attacks were aimed at small businesses, and only 14% of those businesses were prepared to defend themselves.

Even more concerning, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance 60% of businesses who fall victim to a cyber attacks go out of business within six months.

The fact is, YOUR small business has a significant risk of falling victim to a cyber attack.

So stop lying to yourself and start taking these threats more seriously.

Knowing all of this, do you still think nobody wants to hack you? 


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