Don’t You Just HATE Bad Tech Support? Nobody Deserves THIS!

Tired of bad tech support from YOUR IT Company?

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Video Transcription

Don’t you just hate bad tech support?

And when you call your IT company, does it sound a little something like this?

[Jake] Tech support. This is Jake, how can I help you?

[Anthony] Yeah. Hi Jake. This is Anthony. I am having trouble printing a report that is due today at like 5pm so…

[Jake] Have you tried turning the printer off and then back on again?

[Anthony] Yes, I tried that.

[Jake] How about the cable? Did you try jiggling the cable?

[Anthony] I’m pretty sure it’s not a jiggly cable kind of thing.

[Jake] Then maybe a jam. Did you open it up and see if it had a paper jam?

[Anthony] Why would I do that? Isn’t that your job?

[Jake] Okay, what did you say your name was again?

[Anthony] It’s Anthony.

[Jake] Okay, Timothy, please hold.

[Jake] Okay, Timmy, I’m gonna need you to go to the printer for me.

[Anthony] First of all, it’s Anthony.

[Jake] Yeah, whatever. Just go to the printer.

[Anthony] Okay, all right. I’m at the printer

[Jake] Greeeeaat. See the button with the red X on it? Hold it in for 10 seconds and please hold. Hi, Mom. I’m just gonna order pizza for dinner. Yes, I know. It’s not healthy. Okay, you can come make me pasta with meat sauce. Okay, sounds good to see you tonight. Kisses. Love you. Okay, Timmy? Did you hold the button for 10 seconds?

[Anthony] Yeah, I hold it for like 30 seconds while I was on hold the entire time. What is this supposed to do?

[Jake] Um, reset the printer. Einstein. Go try it again.

[Anthony] Yep, pressing the print button. It’s not working. It’s not working.

[Jake] Hmm. bummer. Okay, hold on.

[Anthony] Wait, don’t put me on hold.

[Jake] Hi, mom. On second thought, you know, I’d really like breakfast for dinner. Would you make me pancakes? Oh, good. Yes, I’m still on the phone with the stupid guy. He’s clearly an idiot. I’m just killing time until we close so I don’t have to go down there and help him. Okay, I’ll see you at seven. Love you. Bye. Okay, Timmy. Is it working yet?

[Anthony] I heard everything that you said Jake. Okay. I want to speak to your supervisor right now. Put them on right now.


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