Antivirus is a WASTE. Endpoint Protection Software keeps you SAFE.

Are you still using Antivirus in your business?

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Video Transcription


It’s a waste of time.
And here are three reasons why.

Reason #1: Antivirus can only protect you from the threats it knows about.

Let me ask you, how does an adult truly know that they’re healthy?

Most people will tell you they know because they go to the doctor and get an annual checkup.

And what does the doctor do?

They run a bunch of tests to confirm you’re healthy. Or not.

And if you’re not, hopefully they can fix the problem.

But like antivirus, they can only fix illnesses that they’re aware of

Reason #2: Antivirus has no artificial intelligence.

Now imagine for a second that you never had to go to the doctor again.

Instead, you wore an invisible device that always knew whether or not you were healthy.

And if you weren’t, it would magically fix you like they do in Star Trek.

Oh, and it could detect and cure new diseases that your doctor doesn’t even know exist.

Reason #3: Antivirus doesn’t come with a security operation center.

So that little invisible device you’re wearing.

It’s monitored by a team of singularly focused agents whose sole purpose it is to keep you alive and healthy.

So what is this magical invisible device I’m referring to?

It’s called EDR or Endpoint Detection and Response backed by a security operation center… and it can provide you with a substantial level of protection against ransomware attacks.

What endpoint security software do you use?

If you’re still using an antiquated Antivirus software in YOUR business, and want the security and protection of a robust EDR system, book a Continuous THREAT CHECK with our team, to get the RIGHT advice.

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