How To Spot a Phishing Email

Clicked the link in one of these emails by mistake?

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Are you receiving emails from UPS, FedEx, Facebook, or even your bank that look legitimate, but are asking you to click on a link or input personal information?

If you’re interacting with these emails in any way, you’re going to get hacked.

A phishing email is a bogus email that is carefully designed to look like a legitimate request for information.
Oftentimes, these emails will include a PDF attachment that you may be inclined to open.

And these types of emails, they always seem to come from companies that you know and trust.
That is what makes these types of emails so dangerous.

They look exactly like legitimate email.
When you click on the links in these emails, oftentimes, they download a virus to your computer.

Also, if you input your personal information, it just helps the attacker harvest your data and increases the chances that you’ll not only have your data stolen, or more importantly, your hard earned money.


So how do you tell the difference between a phishing email and the real thing?

  1. Start by hovering your mouse over the URL in the email, don’t click, and then you can see the actual website it wants to take you to.

  2. If the URL is mismatched or looks suspicious in any way, delete the email immediately.

  3. It’s also good practice to type the URL into your browser rather than clicking on the link in the email.

  4. Another dead giveaway his poor grammar and spelling errors


Any website asking you to verify your login or account information, be suspicious.
Why would your bank need you to verify your account number?

Finally, if the offer being made is just too good to be true?
It’s because it probably is.

If you have any concerns that you may have fallen victim for a Phishing email, and would like to know for sure, contact our support team at, or by calling us directly on +1 (201) 579 2086.


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