I Got Hacked… Please Don’t Let This Happen To You!

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Video Transcription

People often ask me how I got into cybersecurity, and really, it comes down to one specific moment.

It was September 2009, about four years after I had launched my first business.

Everything was great.

We were bringing in new customers nearly every single day.

And we were totally focused on our growth.

But I was also too focused on my growth.

I ignored the signs, and I knew there was a problem.

I knew we had this vulnerability, but I just kept putting off doing something about it.

And I remember the moment that I got that call from my head engineer, when he said to me, Ross, we have a serious problem.


My entire customer database had been deleted by a hacker and I didn’t know what to do.

I had lost my ability to build my customers, I had lost my ability to communicate with my customers, and I wasn’t sure how we would survive.

For seven straight months, my team and I worked around the clock, making phone calls, contacting our customers in every way possible and trying to recreate our customer database from every offline record that we had.


There were threads posted in public forums about what had happened to us and everybody knew.

And I thought to myself, why didn’t I do something about it?

It wouldn’t have been that difficult.

It wouldn’t have been that expensive.

Why did I ignore it for so long?

I was too inundated with the day to day activities of running my business, and I paid the price.


That experience, it refocused my attention on security.

And from that point forward, cybersecurity became a top priority for me.

Use my experience as a lesson of what NOT to do.


There are unlocked doors and open windows, ALL throughout your business.

There are vulnerabilities everywhere that you don’t know about.

Any one of these vulnerabilities puts your entire business at risk.

Don’t wait.

Do something about it.

A cyber attack is the single greatest threat to your business’s survival today.

Learn from me and make the necessary changes.



What changes will you make to your business to protect it and prevent happening to you, what happened to me? 

If you’re unsure of the vulnerabilities that may exist within your business, and are concerned about falling victim to an attack like I did, consider booking a CyberSCORE Assessment with our team. Click the button below to book yours NOW.


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