Installing THESE Windows Updates Could Break Your Computer

Could your business computer still be vulnerable to a cyber attack?

Even with keeping up with cumulative updates by Windows, we find a lot of businesses are still at risk from other GAPS in their technology. Take our online CyberSCORE Assessment and find out where you stand.

Video Transcription

We all know that it’s critical to update the software running on our computers.

But what if that software update has the potential to break your computer leaving you stranded, frustrated and unable to get your work done?

Did you know that there are two different types of Windows updates?

The first type is called a cumulative update and it’s released the second Tuesday of every month something else nerds call Patch Tuesday.

The purpose of these cumulative updates is to keep windows 10 free from vulnerabilities and reliability issues.
If left alone out of the box, Windows 10 will install these updates automatically and then prompt you to reboot when ready.

These updates do not include new features or visual changes to the operating system.
They are security and reliability only.

The second type is called a feature update.
Microsoft releases two windows 10 feature updates per year, which include new features and improvements to the operating system.

Okay, that is the basics on Windows updates.
But here is what you really need to know if you’re a business owner having a functioning computer…

Windows 10 feature updates have a history of creating reliability issues.

Since May of 2019 windows 10 no longer automatically installs these feature updates.
Microsoft has even been nice enough to provide a different prompt for feature updates within the Windows Update panel so you can easily tell the difference.

My recommendation is to remain one version behind the latest feature update release.

Don’t put your important business computer at risk!

Understand the difference between Windows cumulative updates and Windows feature updates and you’ll be on your way to a more secure and reliable computing experience.


If you have any concerns around any feature update you, or someone in your company, may have installed recently, contact our support team on +1 (201) 579 2086 and get the RIGHT advice.

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