IT Generalists Should NOT Be In Charge Of Your Cybersecurity… Here’s Why.

Video Transcription

You wouldn’t hire your CFO to do your taxes, would you?

Of course not.

That’s the job of your accountant.

So then let me ask you, why do you hire your general IT guy to handle your cybersecurity?

Jason Whitehurst 
The CPA doesn’t give you financial investment advice.
My CFO doesn’t do our taxes.
When it comes to cybersecurity, try your best if at all possible to work with an expert or team of experts.
So I would just say whether you’re a small business owner, or whether you’re an MSP when it comes to cybersecurity, the differences are so great that it’s important to partner with people who did just that.
It will be better for everybody and longterm will be more cost effective than trying to do it yourself.

Do your IT people have the necessary expertise and experience to navigate your business through a breach?

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