IT People Are NOT Cybersecurity People!

Video Transcription

IT people are NOT cybersecurity people. And here’s why.

Jason Whitehurst 
I can give you an example, after example, of us sitting in arbitration hearings or lawsuits, where the MSP had made some disastrous decisions that led to the loss of the necessary forensics data for root cause are for the insurance company to pay for it.

The cybersecurity stack they had chosen was horribly ineffective.

The way that it was implemented without the proper amount of oversight without the proper SOC Security Operation Centre, with CISO level people monitoring everything that’s done.

Cybersecurity right now is still very human capital intensive and will remain that way for a while.

And those folks have to be skilled at cybersecurity, not being an IT guy.

Those are very different things unfortunately.

Does your IT vendor have the necessary expertise and experience to navigate your business through a breach?

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