Is Your Business REALLY Prepared For a Cyber War?

Want To Know For Certain If Your Business Will SURVIVE a Cyberwar?

If you’re uncertain as to whether your business is doing everything it can to be SHIELDS UP, and best defense against a potential Cyberwar, it may not survive what’s to come.

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Video Transcription

The phrase cyberwar has been getting thrown around a lot in the past week.

And it really has me thinking… are we really prepared for a cyberwar?

Richard Clarke, America’s first counterterrorism Czar was interviewed last Saturday morning.

And he was asked about what the impact of the war in Ukraine could have on the United States.

And he said something to the effect of “you remember when Russians shut down the colonial gas pipeline last year, that’s just a small taste of what could really happen.

Now, the US homeland security outline 16 infrastructure areas that are vital to our way of life, including telecommunications, healthcare, food, energy, things like this.

Now, imagine if one of these critical areas were to be devastatingly impacted by a cyber attack.

And I’m thinking power grid here…

How would that impact your business and what would that cost you?

In the interview, Mr. Clark says that “the key for us right now is for American companies to go shields up and start asking ourselves, what more can we do to protect our networks?

He says every American business should be doing everything in its power to protect its networks and fortify its plans for recovery right now.

So my question to you is, what are you doing to go shields up to not only protect your network but to be certain you have a plan in place to bring your business back online?

If you’re unsure, or don’t have a defined plan and/or processes in place to defend against the potential ramifications from an all-out Cyberwar, you should contact our team to find out where your business could be at risk.

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