Why You Should Use Credit Card To Protect Your Money

Video Transcription

What most people don’t realize about using debit cards is this…

If your debit card is used for a purchase, whether legitimately or fraudulently keep this in mind.

Whenever you make a purchase with a debit card, it removes or locks up the money in your bank account.

And this means you no longer have money available to withdraw or use for other purchases.

STOP using debit cards for your purchasing!

Using a credit card not only gets you points, but it also means you’re NOT using your own money to make those purchases.

And if you are charged mistakenly, none of the money in your bank account is impacted.

Also, using credit cards with that little contactless payment chip are virtually un-hackable.

And if you’re still worried, be sure to keep your contactless payment credit cards in an RFID protection wallet.¬†

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Ross Brouse

President, Continuous Networks

Ross has served the IT needs of businesses across NY and NJ for more than 15 years. He’s also the host of the Legends Of I.T. Podcast, a show for dedicated I.T. Professionals to improve their skills and respective¬† organizations each day.

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