How To Protect Yourself and Your Company from a Spear Phishing Attack

Are your employees trained to spot a Phishing scam?

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Video Transcription

Have you been targeted by the Spear Phisherman?

Well, first off, what is spear phishing?

Would you like to know?

Oh ya, sure!

Before I go into all of that, you need to understand phishing of the regular type.

Regular type fishing is a spray and pray approach of hitting as many email addresses as possible and hoping some of them click on a malicious link, fill out a malicious form, or execute a malicious attachment.

But spear phishing… Oh, that’s a lot nastier.


In case you didn’t know 91% of successful breaches began with a spear phishing attack.

UFFDA That’s spooky!

A spear phishing attack is performed by a hacker with an advanced set of skills that specifically targets a company or an individual.

Most of the time they are after things like:

  • Financial records
  • Medical records
  • Company trade secrets.

These types of attacks typically come from a trusted source like the CEO, or an HR director.


Once the attacker identifies their target, they research things like their social media profiles and people that they regularly communicate with.

Next, they launch their attack on your email, you open and click and boom, they gotcha.

Oh, for heaven’s sakes.

So how do you stop it?

Great question, Karl.


First, you must put a great security awareness training program in place – Like Breach SecureNow

Second, you must put an advanced email security platform in place – like Ironscales.

So take action NOW and don’t get caught at the end of a spear fishermen sharp stick.


What methods do you use to protect yourself and your company from the vicious spear fisherman’s attack?

If you’re concerned about the effectiveness of your end user training Awareness Program, or your email security platform, click the button below to book your FREE CyberSCORE Assessment.


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